Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Road Trip To West Texas: Day Five (Part Three)

Will you carve wood when you are well into your nineties?  There is  a rich art community in the West Texas region and Marathon is no exception.  In fact, it could be a leading example. 97-year-old Maisie Kane Lee was born in Australia and migrated to Marathon, Texas, in 1939.  She has improved the town with her artistry, her heart, and her spirit. See the doors on these churches below for an example of her work: 

I will be enlarging this photo for my walls.  Isn't this little church just lovely?

I love this tile work.  I am unsure who the artist is.

Look at Maisee's lovely carved doors...

Another example of a sweet little church...

And another pair of lovely doors.

After seeing the churches and staying an Eve's Garden snapping photos forever, my heart was full and I was ready to head home.  (as were the tired pups...)

I mean, look at those sleepy eyes.  

Pecos river.

Abandoned gas station.  (I posted this in case you have always wanted to see the inner workings of a pump.)

An angry wasp's nest lurks inside that abandoned phone booth.  All the windows were busted out on this building and there were still a few random sundries and shelves inside.

Sergio was tired, too, so Chase Prancer drove us home.

I hope you all enjoyed our little tour of West Texas as much as we enjoyed taking it.  I am already planning our next trip back...and checking our just in case a must have home opens up in West Texas.  We will be ready in ten years or so.  I am sure they will wait.  We will just have an extended closing date.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Road Trip to West Texas: Day Five (Part Two)

Eve's Garden.  How do I love thee?  I had no idea that I would find the spot that is my spirit animal in Marathon, TX.  I would have been here so much sooner if I would have known she was hiding here.  Maybe it wouldn't have been the right time... this particular trip brought me here at just the right temperament and just the right moment... Sorry for all the photos, but I couldn't just pick 5.  I hope you enjoy them and they give you a sense of this lovely, lovely space.

I mean, look at those colors.  The family handcrafts all the adobe brick and buildings.  All of it.  They hand paint it, too.

Look at that art against the sky.

Behind these windows and door are the entries to some of the rooms...

Entry into an amazing amazing oasis...

Red bench.  Flowers.  Healthy flora and fauna.  Swoon.

All inside the greenhouse...

A lovely little pond and entrance to one of the rooms.

Can this be my backyard?  They have music concerts here.  Swoon.

Bougainvillea.  Birds of Paradise.  Heaven.

I can't even.  Seriously.  They made that.  Also... fire pit love.  At night, when the town gets sleepy, touring musicians move their music from the exterior of the property to this little sweet space.

Beauty is in the details and in the passion behind what they are doing.  Can;t you see passion?

Check that out.  The beige and rocky landscape and these lovely little buildings... some rooms have private courtyards.

Made with love.  Look at those details.

Um... I am inspired.  Inspired.

Even the side yard is lovely.

One more lovely shot.  Nature is beautiful, ya'll, and Eve's Garden lets her be herself.

In case you were wondering... this is the street view as you are driving up to her lovely spot.  I mean, this tiny lovely oasis in the middle of this simple street.

Excuse me while I go plan our next trip to West Texas.  We are definitely staying here for at least one night, if not more.  My heart is doing a happy dance right now.
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